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Content Delivery Network

DCDN - a distributed content delivery layer (CDN) that utilizes a widely dispersed edge node network in order to increase Internet performance.

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Why a Decentralized Content Delivery Network?

Our vision, solution, services

Our vision

  • The internet today is built on a 30 years old protocol and concept. It started as a distributed and decentralized network, evolving to a more centralized model, having critical nodes, links and junctions.
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)are the blood vessels of the modern internet, the foundation upon which our digital lives relay today.
  • Customers don’t care about the low-level technical details of how their content is delivered, but rather the perceived quality
  • They expect to have flawless viewing experience, while the media delivery solutions promise to deliver the content instantly, without the need to build costly infrastructure
  • With DCDN we are changing the way internet content is delivered using mesh and p2p networks as fast as BitTorrent with nodes located closer to users.


  • DCDN is a decentralized CDN which empowers original content creators and communities by creating a fair and transparent ecosystem for revenue distribution and media consumption
  • DCDN follows a decentralized model, the network being built through a set of install and forget boxes called Boosters
  • Content viewers, content producers and enthusiasts will be financially motivated to run the boosters and share their network bandwidth.
  • Improved network performance through our decentralized network of nodes
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Lower costs and wider geographical coverage for the content producing platforms.

Our vision

  • Dedicated hardware (ASIC)
  • Strong security layer through own operating system through deployed encryption at file system level
  • Machine learning-enabled copyright forensics service
  • Certificates of ownership at network level for video and images, via forensic and computer vision-assisted analysis
  • Certificates of ownership publicly available via DLT (distributed ledger technology).

Team members

Robert Knapp

Founder and Adviser

Oana Dima


Radu Iliescu


Andrei Dore

Software Developer

Mihai Titianu

Network Engineer